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Collenge was founded by Saleem Khan, a dedicated enthusiast of education and biography research. Saleem’s passion for uncovering the academic histories of renowned personalities led to the creation of this platform.

With a background in research and a commitment to providing accurate and informative content, Saleem envisioned a space where individuals could delve into the educational backgrounds of their role models.

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At Collenge, we are committed to delivering well-researched, factual, and engaging content. We believe that understanding the educational journeys of political leaders, business tycoons, and athletes is essential for anyone seeking inspiration or looking to make informed decisions about their own educational paths.

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Our website features a wealth of articles, profiles, and stories that explore the academic experiences of figures from a wide range of fields.

Whether you’re curious about the alma mater of a particular political leader, the majors pursued by successful entrepreneurs, or the educational institutions that shaped the careers of athletes, Collenge is your go-to resource.

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