Best Minecraft server: How DonutSMP is the best server to play?

In this modern era, people have started earning online through social media. Some work on your tubes, whereas many use other technical methods. But, in games, Minecraft is considered the best game for passing the time, and yes, it is also a good way of earning. The gamers play the best Minecraft servers to make their game more valuable. Or, they want to show off their skills by playing different servers.

But, many ask a specific question, which server of Minecraft is the best? Well, if you are old and have been playing for many years, then, might be it will be a simple question for you. But its answer is quite typical for beginners. If you have difficulty finding the best Minecraft server, DonutSMP is highly recommended to you because this server is straightforward to understand and play. If you want to know why? Then, cast a glance below to learn its more features. 


It is a hardcore Minecraft server in which you need an extremely active community for this where if you die, you will be banned for two days. All the things like killing, grief, or stealing are allowed, and the server’s goal is to earn money. Moreover, it has become number 1 in all the servers because of its different Hardcore related servers, including, Anarchy, Vanilla, and many more. Besides this, there are many other names for this server that are followed,

  • Donut SMP.
  • DonutSMP.
  • Hardcore Server.
  • Donut SMP Hardcore.

So, anyone can join this best Minecraft server because it’s JAVA and Bedrock Hardcore SMP. 

IP Address for DonutSMP:

To play the server, DonutSMP, you must know the IP address to get the best Minecraft server. Moreover, you can play the game as long as you want. So, the server’s address is  

Methods of playing this server:

Following the ways to play the game is given step by step for your convenience.

  1. Open the “Launcher” of your Minecraft. Next, you will have to click the “Play” button. Here select “Multiplayer” from the menu. 
  2. Now, click the “Add Server” tab and then input the IP address on the box of “Add Server.” After this, hit the “Done” button.
  3. Once you get the connection and green signal, you might click on the button of “Join Server” to join the server DonutSMP.

A version of the server DonutSMP:

The latest version for the Best Minecraft Server, DonutSMP, is 1.17. You might be new to Minecraft, but you need not worry. Because the new version comes, it does not mean that the older versions are disabled. You can also play the more senior or lower versions if you do not know the proper rules of playing the new one.

Game modes on DonutSMP:

You can play different game modes on this server of Minecraft to have long-lasting entertainment. These modes are,

  • Anarchy.
  • Survival.
  • SMP.
  • Hardcore.

Ending words:

You must be thinking about why the DonutSMP is the best Minecraft server? Do not be an over-thinker because this article is written only to get the ideas to your questions. Additionally, if you are an enthusiast of playing Minecraft and love to kill or steal opponents, this server is for you. Moreover, you can have great fun with this server and happily spend your stubborn time playing this best server.  

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