bonbons strain

Hi! We’re bon bons strain. Our buds come in various flavors, so you can smoke a different one every day of the year! We grow all of our strains organically, which is a feat many cannabis companies neglect. Our company further prides itself in providing excellent support and instant customer support. They are always available to answer any of your questions. Whether it’s technical or simple, they’ll do their best to help you out.

Section: Flowering Time:

Bon Bon is a sativa-dominant hybrid that may cure your stress, and fit nicely into your daily routine. This delicious strain can be cultivated indoors (where it will take 70-80 days to flower) or outdoors (where it will complete its lifecycle in October).

Section: Lineage:

The lineage of bon bons strain is something of a hybrid nightmare. It’s genetics are a combination heavy indica with other strains and landraces, primarily from North Africa and the Middle East. The secret behind this strain’s delicious flavor, dense buds, and mind bending highs can be found all over the world, wherever cannabis grows in abundance.

Section: Taste/Flavor Profile:

Strawberry, blueberry. Banana and mango. For many, these flavors evoke memories of favorite desserts or maybe special summer fruits. Memories that can take you right back to a time and place when you bit into a fresh strawberry, banana or mango. The unique part of Bon Bon is the way it captures this experience. 

Section: Effects:

Bon Bons is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that gives users an uplifting, energetic rush of euphoria. Take caution if using this medicine because it can produce paranoia and anxiety at high levels. It has been known to cause racing thoughts, which some users find beneficial for work or play.

Section: Average THC & CBD Test Results

The goal of lab testing is to help patients identify and understand cannabis choices that best match their symptoms, lifestyle and goals.The following average test results are reported by [Labs123]

Section: Popular Bon Bons Cannabis Strains

Bon Bons Cannabis Strains. It is better to choose the right strain over any bon bons cannabis strain when choosing an indica or sativa strain. Don’t buy a cannabis strain from the local dispensary until you have done your research on it and know whether it’s going to be helping you or hurting you. It’s pretty challenging to figure out which is the best bon bons cannabis for your needs. Hopefully, we can make things simpler for you here.

Section: Grow Info:

When browsing bon bons online you will notice that there are many reviews and descriptions. The exact species of the strain is a little bit more difficult to pinpoint, but there is one thing you can be sure of: bon bons is a marijuana strain. (Exact percentage genetics remain unknown.)

Section: Strain Description and Characteristics

You may have been lured in by the bons bons name, but are wondering what this strain has to offer. If you’re new to cannabis, or just want to learn more about bon bons, then read on for a description and characteristics specific to bon bons.

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